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From Mickey Mouse to Sponge Bob, from Superman to Jon Snow pop culture adds spice to life.  We are celebrating the best of it in toy and model format.

We have just moved to this site with the rest of the 2017 inductees being added shortly.


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Toy Collector Hall of Fame Updates

TCHOF’17 – Palisades Pioneer Mike Horn Inducted into Hall

Mike Horn, a pioneer of high end, exclusive action figures and toys, is one of the 2017 inductees of the Toy Collector Hall of Fame. Horn has a pedigree in the toy and collectibles market. His father and older brother ran a comic book store and were among the early pioneers of the comic con […]

TCHOF’17 – NERF Bounces Into Toy Collector Hall of Fame

nerf blaster

NERF, the company that pioneered safe, relatively destruction-free indoor play, is the latest company to join the Toy Collector Hall of Fame. The idea of tossing a baseball or volleyball inside the house has always had great appeal to kids, without regard to the likely damage that would result in such horseplay. With that in […]

TCHOF’17 – Wonder Woman Lassoes Toy Collector Hall Induction

Wonder Woman movie

Wonder Woman has been a super hero icon for over 75 years, a hero not just to girls who read comics but to all fans of the genre. For her long lasting impact, especially over the last year, she is a 2017 inductee of the Toy Collector Hall of Fame. Wonder Woman debuted in 1942, […]

TCHOF’17 – Transformers Changed the Toy Industry Forever

transformers comics

When Transformers were first introduced, they seemed like an obvious success. What kid wouldn’t like playing with cars and robots at the same time? Even so, when they debuted as “more than meets the eye,” the designers had no idea how much more they would turn out to be. For their success in changing the […]

TCHOF’17 – Toy Collector Hall of Fame Salutes G.I. Joe

original g.i. joe

Of all the ways G.I. Joe has made toy history, one of the most enduring is the introduction of the term “action figure” to the world. Before his 1964 debut, Hasbro was concerned that boys would not want to play with something called a “doll,” so they coined a new term, and it’s stuck ever […]